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Architectural Structures at the Olympic Park

There was plenty of excitment at the Olympic Park on Thursday 30 August. Mainly to do with the fantastic athletes, as I watched the  fearless women wheelchair basketball players, each one of them a true example of the beauty and strength of the Paralympics spirit in action.

In the park, aside from the stunning stadium and Mittal tower, there were plenty of eye-catching  temporary architectural structures, mostly funded by corporate sponsors, showcasing new talent in architecural design. The Coca-Cola Beat Box is an interactive installation designed by Pernilla & Asif , where visitors can interact with music elements by Mark Ronson.

Part of the Art in the Park scheme, I particularly loved the glass and stainless steel sculpture RUN, by artist Monica Bonvicini. Monica designed three, nine meter tall letters forming the word ‘RUN’, their trhee-dimensional nature is higlighted by regular rows of LED lights, lending them a graceful glow after dark. They can be seen just outside the Copper Box.

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