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Summer shows

Thank you to all who came along to visit and support us this June – The Open Studios in Holborn  and Deptford were a great success. We also enjoyed being in the stunning setting of Somerset House last week, for the Hallmark exhibition. (see our red paper earrings featured in the Somerset House brochure)

Coming up next : Goldsmiths’ Fair! With more new exhibitors than ever before and new modernised branding, the Fair promises to be a very exciting show indeed. I’ll be showing in week 1 – 22-28 September 2014.


Clara's Red paper earrings featured in Somerset House brochure
Clara’s Red paper earrings featured in Somerset House brochure


A French creative residency


Blue paper and silver memory pendant

This February, I travelled south to the beautiful region of Indre-et-Loire, to spend two weeks reflecting on my practice. I carried a heavy load of tools, sketchbooks and materials – way too much as it turned out, but I’m not cut out for minimalism. I wanted to take a step back from the day-to-day running of the business and my routine in London – to dedicate this time to being 100% creative.

I started with some simple observational watercolours. I wanted to be absorbed in the making process, without an agenda or the pressure of an expected outcome, to re-connect with what drives me to be a maker.

Paper was my second port of call. Maps and colourful leaflets, my favourites! Using thread to connect paper strips, I created ‘fan’ shapes by folding each layer in turn – opening and closing spaces – thus creating geometric forms which I then manipulated and distorted. Moving on the makeshift jewellery bench, I used silver strip to ‘frame’ the paper  – The resulting pieces are bold, formal and rythmic but also curvaceous  and irregular .

I’ve also re-ignited an old passion of mine – optical distortion. Working with Quartz and Citrine checkerboard cabochons, constructing a setting and holder which would highlight precious fragments of paper/ maps. This is still very much work-in-progress, but with those pieces I wish to re-interpret the locket in a fun, contemporary way.

I saw the residency as an extended ‘Artist’s Date’ as defined by Julia Cameron in her excellent ‘Artist’s Way’ , where she writes “A little fun can go a long way towards making your work feel more like play”.

Photography credit : Juliet Sheath

Paper and silver memory pendant

Featured on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour!

My lifelong dream has finally come true – my paper and silver ring, featured on Woman’s Hour!

Radio 4 Journalist Judi Herman is running a series ‘Commissioning Affordable Jewellery’, focusing on alternative materials. She interviewed myself and my client Toby Austin, who commissioned a ring for his girlfriend’s birthday this January. The ring (pictured here, worn by Suzanne) includes paper which is significant to them both and hearing them talking about it is really touching.

If you missed the live program, you can listen online:
Just click on the image to listen.


‘Histories’ – A ring made from significant recycled gold

I have just completed a wedding ring commission for a client.

It is a really touching story; She had some gold jewellery from her deceased mother, which meant too much to sell but she did not want to wear.

We re-used this emotionally charged raw material to make the wedding band. Together with some new gold, I melted down the jewellery and and cast it into sand. The result is a statement ring that contains many layers of  history from her past. The texture of the melting process is apparent, contrasting with smooth surfaces .

The ‘Histories’ ring celebrates this union with something new, made from something old : a beautiful symbol of love, renewal and remembrance.

Available to commission, please get in touch for further details.

Creative times at the V&A during London Design Festival

What an exciting day at the V&A’s Art Studio this Monday 17 September in the Sackler Centre! There was a definite buzzing excitement due to the many design festival displays and activities in the museum.

We welcomed a lovely crowd of learners keen to get stuck in with my reclaimed paper brooch project, usingV&A leaflets in the brightest of colours, brass eyelets and stainless steel pins. A few hours later, some beautiful pieces started to emerge, some of them very neat, some exuberant, all of them individual. Being a drop-in workshop, visitors could come and go as they wished, and while some stayed for hours producing many pieces, most seemed to thoroughly enjoy their making experience!

There are many free workshops running every day this week at the Art Studio to celebrate the Design Festival, including fashion illustration and stitching, I might go back and take part myself! Full listings available here.