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Featured on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour!

My lifelong dream has finally come true – my paper and silver ring, featured on Woman’s Hour!

Radio 4 Journalist Judi Herman is running a series ‘Commissioning Affordable Jewellery’, focusing on alternative materials. She interviewed myself and my client Toby Austin, who commissioned a ring for his girlfriend’s birthday this January. The ring (pictured here, worn by Suzanne) includes paper which is significant to them both and hearing them talking about it is really touching.

If you missed the live program, you can listen online:
Just click on the image to listen.


Stiglitz blog

A lovely feature on Clara’s work by Stiglitz, the school of leadership and creativity.
“Breen plays between the lines of treasure and trash, meaning and chance, incorporating colourful found paper into handmade silver pieces that are at once poetic and divine.” See the full article here.