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In The Studio

About my work

By On 12/01/2019

Paper and precious jewellery – What is precious to you? Found paper is a recurring material in my creative practice: I cut, layer and manipulate fragments of maps, receipts and leaflets to… Read More

In The Studio

Bespoke design: Heirloom ruby gold strata ring and pendant

By On 18/11/2018

Last year I completed a statement Strata ring and necklace set in 18ct gold for my client Sophie, with the aim to use rubies which were family heirlooms. She liked the Strata… Read More

In The Studio

Bespoke design: Heirloom sapphire Strata ring in white gold

By On 17/11/2018

This project came about as my client had been gifted this incredible blue sapphire and was keen to create a statement ring with it. We worked together to find the best design… Read More

In The Studio

Design project: 3D printed Platinum

By On 24/03/2016

In 2016 I was selected as one of two designers to create a design for a 3D printing project in Platinum in collaboration with the Platinum Guild and Cooksongold (the first pieces… Read More